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A great team

Who is responsible for the smooth operation of ÖRAG Immobilien and for looking after our clients' needs on a day-to-day basis? Allow us to introduce you to our executives:

Contact Agnjesa Berdynaj
Agnjesa Berdynaj
Accounting Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 260
Contact Mag. Michael Buchmeier, MRICS
Mag. Michael Buchmeier, MRICS
Managing Director ÖRAG Immobilien Vermittlung GmbH, Real Estate Valuation & Advisory, Chartered Surveyor
+43/1/534 73 - 215
Contact Mag. Katja Gerstl, BA
Mag. Katja Gerstl, BA
Residential Properties Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 215
Contact Ing. Manfred Hochschorner
Ing. Manfred Hochschorner
Authorised Signatory, Construction Manager Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 260
Contact Mag.(FH) Johannes König
Mag.(FH) Johannes König
Property Management Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 260
Contact Thomas Macho M.A.
Thomas Macho M.A.
Property Management Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 260
Contact Mag.(FH) Reinhard Prüfert
Mag.(FH) Reinhard Prüfert
Managing Director ÖRAG Immobilien Vermittlung GmbH, Commercial Properties
+43/1/534 73 - 215
Contact Mag.(FH) Elisa Stadlinger, MRICS
Mag.(FH) Elisa Stadlinger, MRICS
Commercial Properties Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 215
Contact Irene Wendelin
Irene Wendelin
Property Management – Administration & Accounting Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 260
"A fast-moving environment calls for reliable, credible information. The ÖRAG valuation team produce high-quality, detailed property surveys that are greatly appreciated by clients, banks, auditors and investors alike."Mag. Michael Buchmeier
"Proficient in finding solutions, decisive in implementing them and courteous and accommodating in our interactions: these are the essential elements of our customer service concept. We also carry out systematic analysis of client enquiries, which allows us to continuously improve our processes."Mag.(FH) Johannes König
"Selecting the right property management provider requires our clients to place a great deal of trust in us. We honour this trust by treating our clients with the greatest esteem and respect and ensuring maximum transparency in our services."Thomas Macho M.A.
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