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A great team

Who is responsible for the smooth operation of ÖRAG Immobilien and for looking after our clients' needs on a day-to-day basis? Allow us to introduce you to our executives:

Contact Agnjesa Berdynaj
Agnjesa Berdynaj
Accounting Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 260
Contact Mag. Michael Buchmeier, MRICS
Mag. Michael Buchmeier, MRICS
Managing Director ÖRAG Immobilien Vermittlung GmbH, Real Estate Valuation & Advisory, Chartered Surveyor
+43/1/534 73 - 215
Contact Mag. Katja Gerstl, BA
Mag. Katja Gerstl, BA
Residential Properties Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 215
Contact Mag.(FH) Ulrike Glashüttner
Mag.(FH) Ulrike Glashüttner
Property Management Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 260
Contact Ing. Manfred Hochschorner
Ing. Manfred Hochschorner
Authorised Signatory, Construction Manager Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 260
Contact Mag.(FH) Johannes König
Mag.(FH) Johannes König
Property Management Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 260
Contact Thomas Macho M.A.
Thomas Macho M.A.
Property Management Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 260
Contact Mag.(FH) Reinhard Prüfert
Mag.(FH) Reinhard Prüfert
Managing Director ÖRAG Immobilien Vermittlung GmbH, Commercial Properties
+43/1/534 73 - 215
Contact Mag.(FH) Elisa Stadlinger, MRICS
Mag.(FH) Elisa Stadlinger, MRICS
Commercial Properties Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 215
Contact Irene Wendelin
Irene Wendelin
Property Management – Administration & Accounting Executive
+43/1/534 73 - 260
"Shared goals, resolutely pursued, respectful treatment of colleagues and others, and a passion for what we do: those are the qualities we value. We attach great importance to personal communication and close interdepartmental cooperation."Agnjesa Berdynaj
"We provide a one-stop shop for all property management services, which facilitates and accelerates decision-making. Our structured service provision delivers swift responses and allows us to cater to individual needs."Ing. Manfred Hochschorner
"Selecting the right property management provider requires our clients to place a great deal of trust in us. We honour this trust by treating our clients with the greatest esteem and respect and ensuring maximum transparency in our services."Thomas Macho M.A.
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