Real Estate Evaluation

In real estate evaluation, the bottom line is accurate results. With in-depth market knowledge and experience, our experts provide you with numbers you can rely on. Professional, accurate and objective, point by point.

Numbers that you can count on

When it comes to the value of your property, we take it very, very seriously. That's why the professional evaluations provided by our certified evaluation experts are recognized for meeting the highest quality standards. By satisfied clients as well as investors, auditors, and banks.

In addition to independent evaluations for individual properties and real estate portfolios, we also prepare utilization concepts, market analyses, studies, due diligence reviews and profitability analyses - in cooperation with our international partners, depending on the project.

Reliable results from our experts: point-by-point, professional, precise and objective.

Digital Market Report

With the digital market report, we offer you a comprehensive price and data analysis of the Austrian real estate market. Divided into asset classes, you can easily get an overview of current trends and developments on the market.