FAQ Page

General Questions

Direct deposit authorizations save time and make life easier for everyone.

If you want us to make direct withdrawals from your account, please contact your account manager and request a direct debit form. A direct debit authorization can be revoked at any time. To do so, please send us a written cancellation, preferably by email.

Our goal is a harmonious and respectful relationship among the residents. The house rules, which are on display in each house, should be a help in this regard. If there are any differences of opinion, we will try to mediate between you. In the event of a noise disturbance, we ask that you please contact the management directly.

After water damage occurs, the structure may need to be dried out. Obviously, you will not have to pay for the extra power required to do this. In this case, the restoration company will count the extra electricity needed so that it can be reimbursed to you. This will also serve as proof to your electricity supplier to prevent an increase in your prepayment.

Out of consideration for other residents and in accordance with fire department guidelines for keeping escape routes clear, it is not always possible to store or leave items in common areas of the building, such as the stairwell or basement. Please use only the designated storage areas, such as the bicycle and stroller storage areas.

Tenant questions

Please register your primary residence within three days of your move. To register a primary residence, you will need a registration form signed by the property management company. You usually receive this when you move in. Find out more on this government website: https://www.help.gv.at/Portal.Node/hlpd/public/content/118/Seite.1180200.html

You can request an additional key or cylinder for the locks on your property. Please send an email to your account manager so that a letter of authorization can be issued to you. This will allow you to have the keys duplicated by a locksmith of your choice at your own expense. When you move out of your home, you must return all keys.

We are required by law to verify the identity of the person signing the rental agreement. Please bring a government-issued photo ID. Other documents, such as pay slips, will in most cases already be attached and checked at the time of rental.

The Notice Period is the time between the date you give notice and the date your lease actually ends. The termination date is the date the lease actually ends. Example: You have agreed to a 3 month notice period in your lease and you give notice in writing in January. The notice period is therefore from February to April (3 months) and your notice is confirmed from January 31st to April 30th. The lease therefore ends on the 30th of April

You can only sublet your home if your lease explicitly states that you can sublet. It is best to check with your property manager before you plan to sublet.

Notice of termination of your lease must always be given in writing. All primary tenants must personally sign the notice. Therefore, it is not possible to send notice by email.

Please check your lease for such a provision. Small animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, or aquarium fish are usually allowed with the landlord's permission.

We understand that tenants may wish to use a satellite dish. However, the installation is only allowed with the prior consent of the landlord, as you are using common parts of the property and may change the appearance of the house.

Da der Tod des Hauptmieters das Mietverhältnis nicht automatisch auflöst, brauchen wir in diesem bedauerlichen Fall die Sterbeurkunde sowie den Kontakt des zugewiesenen Notars/Verlassenschaftskurators. So können wir den Sachverhalt weiter prüfen und bearbeiten.

Everyone wants to decorate their home according to their own tastes. However, there are certain rules you must follow. You can do minor renovations (such as painting the walls) without your landlord's permission. Major renovations must be approved in advance. A written request for renovations is required, not only in the landlord's interest, but also in your interest. If you move out later, you may be required to return the property to its original condition. A renovation agreement is therefore always required for major renovations.

Of course, another person can take over your apartment. Please provide that person with a power of attorney. You can download a template here. This signed power of attorney must be brought with you at the time of handover.

Sometimes your circumstances change and so does your name. We are happy to correct your name, but we need proof, for example a marriage certificate or a copy of your divorce decree.

Apartment owner questions

Congratulations - you have just bought or sold one of our managed properties! You will now need to provide a certificate of transfer to the person in charge of the property. Only after the property has been registered, we can make any changes to the deposit or enter it into our system. If your contract states otherwise, the settlement must be made directly between the buyer and the seller.  

We understand that you may not have time to attend all of the owner meetings. Your presence is not required. However, you are welcome to be represented by a person of your choice. Please provide this person with a power of attorney, as he or she will need to present it at the meeting. A form for this purpose will be enclosed with the invitation to the meeting.