Donau-City-Straße 6 - Andromeda Tower

1220 Vienna

The elliptical floor plan is characteristic of the building. Especially in the "open-space" office extension, this allows a departure from geometric room lines in favor of organic floor plan solutions. This organic form finds a counterpart in the office interior with angular room dividers.

The floor plan was designed by ÖRAG together with the tenant. The rooms are conditioned with fan coil units, and there is also a cavity floor for installing the building services. ÖRAG's construction management team was responsible for the complete execution of the conversion work.

Übrigens: Namensgebend für diese Immobilie war die Figur Andromeda aus der griechischen Mythologie. Als Tochter des äthiopischen Königs Kepheus und der Kassiopeia wurde sie an einen Felsen am Meer geschmiedet, um Unheil abzuwenden.