Herrengasse 14 - Palais Ferstel

1010 Vienna

The history of the property in one of Vienna's oldest and most beautiful districts dates back to 1651. At the turn of the century around 1900, the former bank and stock exchange building became the social center of Vienna with the "Café Central" and various event rooms still located there today. The Grosser Ferstelsaal and its adjoining rooms provide an extremely elegant setting for stylish events, presentations and conferences.

Palais Ferstel was given its present form around 1860 by the "Ringstrasse architect" Heinrich von Ferstel. He set impressive accents with elements of Venetian-Florentine Trecento architecture.

The historic building was carefully restored and revitalized in 1988-1989. It has a total usable area of around 7,000 m². In addition to property management, the ÖRAG Group is also responsible for the facility management of the property.

Historical side view: When the palace was originally built in the mid-17th century, its architects caused a sensation, as the first water pipe in a private Viennese house was installed here.