Löwelstraße 8

1010 Vienna

The incomparable view over the Volksgarten to the parliament is remarkable. Directly adjacent to the building is the recently renovated Palais Liechtenstein. Furthermore, the richly structured façade was created using the rare plastering technique with Roman cement.

Despite its location on the edge of the Volksgarten, public transport is only a few minutes' walk away. The top-floor apartment has a conservatory on the courtyard side with an adjoining terrace and a gallery floor above the living area. The floor plan, submission and entire construction process were carried out by ÖRAG's construction management.

A little name lore: "Löwelstraße" is named after the imperial councillor and penny master of Ferdinand I, Karl Löbl. The medieval ring wall ran along Löwelstraße, which subsequently had to make way for the construction of the curtain wall, the "Löwlbastei".